HHPA 104 : Intermediate Rock Climbing

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Intermediate Rock Climbing



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Course Description

This class focuses on preparing the student to transition into a lead sport climber. This class builds upon the skills covered in the beginning rock climbing courses, including advanced belay techniques, belay/rappel transitions, and anchor building in a sport climbing environment. Students will develop a plans to improve their climbing techniques, strength and endurance.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the relationship between human behavior and health.
2. Engage regularly in skills development, safety practices, and fundamentals of rock climbing to develop overall physical fitness and enhance sport activities.
3. Demonstrate correct lead climbing practices, including correct clipping, rope positioning relative to the body, falling technique, and belay technique.
4. Demonstrate correct climbing technique as covered in the class.
5. Demonstrate how to correctly “thread the anchors”.
6. Demonstrate an attitude based in safe climbing practices and good decision making.

Content outline

  • Intro to Intermediate Rock Climbing
  • Climbers Play Techniques
  • Bouldering and op-rope belay check-off
  • Lead climbing
  • How to fall drills
  • Introduce the Gri-gri
  • Red-point climbing
  • On-sight trials
  • Stick-clipping
  • Competition climbing

Required materials

Appropriate equipment will be highlighted and discussed in the first class. Equipment must be provided by the student. Harnesses, belay devices, and carabiners are provided by COCC. Climbing shoes re provided by Bend Rock Gym.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Health

Outside of

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