HHPA 110 : Whitewater Rafting I

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Whitewater Rafting I



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Course Description

Provides introduction to whitewater rafting.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the relationship between human behavior and health.
2. Engage regularly in skills development, safety practices, and fundamentals of Whitewater Rafting to develop overall physical fitness and enhance sport activities.
3. Demonstrate clothing choices that will keep a person safe and comfortable in a cold-water environment.
4. Promote, demonstrate, and participate in the “leave no trace” philosophy.
5. Write and carry out safe whitewater raft day-trip plans as well as emergency plans.
6. Demonstrate and teach proper team paddling dynamics for various water conditions and situations.

Content outline

Intro to Rafting I Wilderness training and equipment tour Practice session in boat guiding River rescue session Raft guiding practice and river running Whitewater practice and rafting Emergency plans

Required materials

Rafts and pfd’s are provided by the school.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Health

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