HHPA 125 : Yoga-Intermediate

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Course Description

Appropriate for any student who has a yoga background and is familiar with basic yoga postures, breathing and intentions. Self-exploration is enhanced through the introduction of variations of alternative movements to basic poses such as arm balances. Following a dynamic warm-up, students will participate in a flow-type session with quick movements to increase heart rate. Deep stretch and shavasana will conclude each class. Students will often work in pairs on advanced postures.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the relationship between human behavior and health.
2. Engage regularly in skills development, safety practices, and fundamentals of yoga practice to develop overall physical fitness and enhance sport activities.
3. Experiment with intermediate yoga poses and combinations of poses/flow.
4. Demonstrate the safe usage of yoga props such as bolsters, blocks, and straps.
5. Explain which muscle groups are stretched or strengthened in various yoga poses.
6. Enhance familiarity with various meditative techniques.

Content outline

Intro to intermediate yoga Progression flow practices Prop usage, such as bolsters Anatomy and basic posture practices Meditative experiences

Required materials

Appropriate equipment will be highlighted and discussed in the first class. Equipment must be provided by the student.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Health

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