HHPA 127 : Yoga for Athletes

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Yoga for Athletes



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Course Description

Designed for anyone (novice to advanced) who aspires to utilize the benefits of yoga to boost their athletic performance in any sport. Although not required, it may be helpful to have had an introductory course prior to this class. A dynamic, flow-style of Vinyasa practice linking breath and movement with modifications emphasizing safety and anatomical clarity. The practice will utilize traditional asanas (poses) to build a foundation for a robust athletic yoga tool. The importance of strength will be equally emphasized with Yin like deep-style stretching. Rest and recovery will be given equal time with an intro to the benefits of restorative practice utilizing props (bolsters).

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the relationship between human behavior and health.
2. Explain how yoga can be utilized as a tool to enhance performance in their chosen sport and how yoga can be incorporated into any training cycle.
3. Discuss the historical importance of yoga as well as having a basic concept of the mind-body spirt connection.
4. Demonstrate the basic use of yoga prop, safe yoga postures and the use of restorative postures and outline how it can speed recovery for the athlete.
5. Demonstrate basic breathing techniques, indicate how it relates to a meditative state and how mental and imagery and meditative state complements both yoga and athletics.
6. Interpret the concept of “being present” by contributing to an open, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Content outline

  • Intro to Yoga for Athletes
  • Progression flow practices
  • Prop usage, such as bolsters
  • Anatomy and basic posture practices
  • Meditative experiences

Required materials

No textbook or materials are required. Students should come to class dressed in clothing appropriate to the activity and for courses offered outside, for the weather.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Health

Outside of

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