HHPA 130 : Total Fitness

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Total Fitness



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Course Description

High-intensity, physically demanding activity class geared toward improving overall physical fitness in a supportive team atmosphere. Various forms of games, skills, exercises, and activities will be used to improve weakness areas as well as further enhance areas in which the student already excels physically. All levels welcome but a positive, can-do attitude is a must.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the relationship between human behavior and health.
2. Engage regularly in skills development, safety practices, and fundamentals of the total fitness to develop overall physical fitness and enhance sport activities.
3. Create and implement an organized game that enhances cardiovascular fitness.
5. Apply acquired knowledge from class activity into personal exercise sessions.
6. Demonstrate the ability to work to your potential while preventing injury.

Content outline

  • Intro to total fitness and discuss total fit laws
  • Fitness testing
  • Pacing, recovery and core strength
  • Ball handling skills, passing drill
  • Intervals, hills; passing drills, 3 on 3 play, victories
  • Obstacle course, drills, 5 on 5 play
  • 50/10 sets
  • Stairs prep and plyometrics
  • Sevens/ultimate ball

Required materials

No textbook or materials are required. Students should come to class dressed in clothing appropriate to the activity and for courses offered outside, for the weather.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Health

Outside of

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