HHPA 159 : Barre Body

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Barre Body



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Course Description

Combines ballet Pilates fundamentals with motivating music to improve fitness through use of ballet or body barres. This low-impact class is ideal for all fitness levels without traditional gym equipment. Muscles are engaged in strategic patterns that intermix small isometric movements with greater range of motion working toward a defined physique.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the relationship between human behavior and health.
2. Safely engage in bodily skill development by using the elementals of ballet and the fundamentals of Pilates to develop overall physical fitness and enhance muscle strength.
3. Set SMART goals based on your personal vision of wellness, which include: exercise, nutrition, basic fitness components, and positive self-image.
4. Demonstrate the elementals of ballet and fundamentals of Pilates.

Content outline

  1. Establish fitness testing
  2. SMART goal setting
  3. Target heart rate
  4. Zone determination

Required materials

Appropriate equipment will be highlighted and discussed in the first class. Equipment must be provided by the student.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Health

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