HIM 103 : Introduction to Health Information Management

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Intro to Health Info Mgmt



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AH 111, BA 214 or WR 121Z, and CIS 120.

Course Description

Provides an introductory survey of the subject matter covered throughout the health information management programs. Includes data and information governance, informatics, revenue cycle management, health law and compliance, and leadership. Students are required to pass a criminal history check prior to beginning HIM 103.

Course learning outcomes

1. Examine career opportunities in Health Information Management.
2. Analyze personal and professional ethical standards of practice.
3. Describe the types of healthcare organizations, services, and personnel and their interrelationships across the health care delivery system.
4. Apply the patient record guidelines for various providers and healthcare settings throughout the continuum of healthcare.
5. Define the purpose of paper, electronic, and hybrid patient records.
6. Describe basic legal aspects of health information management.
7. Describe revenue cycle management.

Content outline

  1. Health Care Delivery Systems
  2. Health Information Management Careers
  3. Health Care Settings
  4. Introduction to the Patient Record
  5. Patient Record Formats with Emphasis on Electronic Health Records
  6. Patient Record Documentation Guidelines
  7. Patient Record Filing and Storage Systems
  8. Secondary Data Uses
  9. Health Data Collection
  10. Introduction to Legal Aspects of Health Information Management
  11. Introduction to Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Required materials

Requires a textbook, computer and reliable internet access, and a portable storage device (ie. usb drive).

Outside of

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