HIM 272 : Management Principles and Leadership in HIM

Transcript title

Management Leadership in HIM



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Instructor approval based on completion of first-year HIM curriculum.

Course Description

Provides an introductory survey to management principles and leadership development in the Health Information Management profession. Course emphasizes management theory, planning, organizational models, financial resources, and the interpersonal aspects of leadership and management.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate management roles and change management principles in HIM.
2. Explain general management theories, tools and techniques to assist in managerial planning.
3. Identify organizational structures in Health Information services.
4. Develop rules, policies, and procedures in Health Information management.

Content outline

1. Management Roles in Health Information Management 2. Change Management Principles 3. General Management Theories 4. Tools and Techniques in Managerial Planning 5. Organizational Structures in Health Information Services 6. Management of Financial Resources 7. Leadership Power and Authority 8. Communication in the Health Care Environment 9. Policies and Procedures in Health Information Management

Required materials

Required textbook. Computer and reliable internet access. Portable storage device (ie. usb drive).

Outside of

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