HIM 281 : Healthcare Statistics

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Healthcare Statistics



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MTH 015 or higher or minimum placement Math Level 7 and instructor approval based on completion of first-year HIM curriculum.

Course Description

Provides a study of statistical terminology and health care data collection. Focuses on specific statistical analysis of common health care data, percentile use, research, and descriptive data presentations.

Course learning outcomes

1. Review primary and secondary sources and uses of health care data.
2. Perform statistical calculations.
3. Analyze health care statistics.
4. Examine basic research principles and presentation of data.
5. Assess frequency distribution for qualitative and quantitative data.
6. Contrast descriptive and inferential statistics.

Content outline

  1. Statistical Terminology and Health Care Data
  2. Frequency Distributions and Tables
  3. Mathematical Review and Health Information Management Computational Applications
  4. Health Care Facilities and Providers and Patient Data Collection
  5. Census
  6. Percentage of Occupancy
  7. Length of Stay
  8. Hospital Mortality Rates
  9. Obstetrical-Related Rates
  10. Autopsy Rates
  11. Morbidity Rates
  12. Vital Statistics
  13. Research and Graphic Representation Principles
  14. Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Required materials

Required textbook, computer and reliable internet access, portable storage device (i.e., USB drive), calculator

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Computation

Outside of

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