HM 160 : Wine and Specialty Beverage Management and Service

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Wine Beverage Management



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Learn the theoretical and practical information about the organization of a beverage program within the operation of a hospitality business. Included are the legal and moral responsibilities that come with the sale of alcoholic beverages, purchasing and marketing, distillation, brewing, mixology and non-alcoholic beverage service. Emphasis placed on wine and beverage knowledge, pair principles, cost control measures, inventory, and sanitation laws and practices.

Learning outcomes

1. Categorize wines according to type, and recognize their distinguishing styles and classification methods
2.Distinguish between different grape varietals, their major locations of production, and unique personalities
3.Identify specific food types with their respective pairing strategies
4.Demonstrate fundamental wine opening and serving techniques
5.Explain different variables needed to arrange and compile an effective wine and beverage menu
6. Demonstrate knowledge about coffee, tea, and non-alcoholic beverage production, processing, and flavor profiling

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