HM 190 : Dining Room Operations

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Dining Room Operations



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Exposure to the importance of service, sanitation and appearance in a real-life dining room setting. Learn and practice styles of service including à la carte, reception, banquet, and buffet. Additionally, learn the primary guidelines for service, guest relations, etiquette phone use, and Point Of Sale systems. Learn about different dining room staff positions, proper use of tabletop flatware, china, and glassware, and table set-up. Students will receive the following industry certifications in this course: OLCC Alcohol Service Permit, FDRP Dining Room Associate and Wine Steward Associate Certificates and Allergy Safe certificate.

Learning outcomes

1.Describe characteristics of service as it relates to the hospitality industry
2.Demonstrate systems related to sanitation and safety practices in the dining room and how they directly relate to the guest experience
3.Demonstrate proper handling of flatware, glassware and plates
4.Identify and demonstrate accurate order taking skills and Point Of Sale (POS) data entry
5.Explain the importance of and demonstrate suggestive selling and merchandising to the guest
6. Explain the importance of firing times and effective communication to the kitchen staff

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