HM 210 : Menu Composition and Analysis

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Menu Composition and Analysis



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CUL 104.

Course Description

Analyze menu design and effectiveness for a diversity of local restaurant establishments. Learn about standardized recipes and cost cards, understanding income and profit and loss statements, nutritional aspects of menu planning and design, and menu configuration. Analyze and critique industry menus and create menus from the perspective of concept, clarity, cost, price, and efficiency. Conduct an analysis of the sales mix for the Elevation Restaurant as part of a group assignment, evaluate the sales distribution of food and beverage items and give presentations to the Elevation staff as to how to make perspective design and offering improvements.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the importance of menu design and configuration and how it influences the guest decision making process.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of menu pricing strategies.
3. Analyze a menu for profitability as it relates to the sales mix.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of menu categories utilized in the overall menu design process.
5. Use descriptive terminology and custom ingredients to enhance menu listings.
6. Describe the various styles of menu covers and explain their importance as it relates to the ambiance of a restaurant.

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