HM 240 : Hospitality Law

Transcript title

Hospitality Law



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Standard letter grades

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Recommended preparation

(BA 214 or WR 121Z) and HM 101.

Course Description

Learn about the hotel/guest relationship, innkeeper's lien, crimes against innkeepers, overview of employment rights, policy formulation, duty to protect guests and their belongings, ejection of guests and non-guests, and an introduction to general business law dealing with torts and contracts. Issues concerning travel law will be included.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe the rights and liabilities of innkeepers under the common law system.
2. Describe a hotel’s or restaurant’s obligations under the federal and state civil rights law.
3. Explain a hotel's liability for not honoring a reservation.
4. Explain the concept of a guest's right to privacy as it relates to the hotel or restaurant.
5. Define the term "guest register" and the hotel's obligations regarding the register.
6. Identify the licenses, certificates, permits, or inspections that state and local building codes may require hospitality establishments to obtain.

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