HM 275 : Mixology and Beverage Operations

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Mixology and Beverage Ops



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Instructor approval and Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Server Permit.

Course Description

Create a wide variety of classic and everyday mixed drinks in a standard bar setting. Learn about bar glassware and equipment identification, pouring techniques, common cocktail mixing methods, history of distilled spirits, origin and characteristics of various distilled spirit brands, distillation process, bartenders job description and responsibilities, cost control, beverage pricing and responsible alcohol service.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate and explain the four components of a cocktail order.
2. Compare and contrast the most commonly used bar glassware, including their application.
3. Explain and demonstrate various methods of measuring, pouring, and mixing liquor accurately.
4. Demonstrate how to properly set-up and operate a bar.
5. Identify and explain each type of spirit including their origin, attributes, and how they are distilled.
6. Design and illustrate an alcohol menu, including pricing, brand, and marketing strategies.

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