HM 290 : Career Success and eFolio Presentation

Transcript title

Career Success and eFolio



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Lecture hours



CUL 170 or BAK 170 or instructor approval for hospitality management students.

Course Description

Finalize your Cascade Culinary Institute (CCI) eFolio, including updated, effective résumés, cover letters, reference letters, and photos of prepared dishes, class projects, and certificates earned during study at CCI. Learn about career opportunities, networking, volunteerism, and interview techniques.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate presentation skills in final capstone project and e-folio development.
2. Synthesize final design process of the e-folio journal, blog, and video medium that will serve to support networking and industry placement goals.
3. Create a résumé and cover letter.
4. Analyze various career paths with the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Content outline

  • Careers
  • Portfolios
  • Professional organizations

Required materials

Requires uniform, which is available at the bookstore.

Outside of

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