HS 161 : Ethics for Human Services

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Ethics for Human Services



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HS 101 and WR 121Z.

Course Description

Examines the legal and ethical issues facing human service practitioners. Explores how to set and maintain professional boundaries. Evaluates the roles, functions, and legal/ethical responsibilities of human services workers, including the process of ethical decision making and awareness of the moral and legal complexities in the field of human services.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate self-awareness and the importance of appropriate professional boundaries.
2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of ethical and legal terminology and concepts (mandatory reporting, client rights, scope of practice, confidentiality, etcetera).
3. Utilize decision-making skills when confronted with ethical, legal, and professional dilemmas related to liability, supervision, consultation, and counseling within a multicultural society.
4. Analyze conflict situations of an ethical/legal nature via a decision-making model utilizing ethical principles and standards within an identified personal value system and how personal values inform professional practice.
5. Identify ethical issues in consulting and consultation and discuss the role of
6. supervision and supervision models, the need for reflection, self-supervision, self-care, evaluation of outcomes, and professional development.

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