HS 209 : Introduction to Psychological Trauma: Theory and Practice

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Intro to Psychological Trauma



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Introduction to types, history, and impact of trauma on individuals, family, and community. Explores the impact on those working with trauma survivors and inadvertent re-traumatization of victims that occurs by the social service system. It introduces crisis management strategies in the context of a trauma informed practice. It provides a framework for crisis recognition/response and intervention for people experiencing trauma symptoms. Students will analyze as well as practice using a trauma informed framework designed for multiple settings. Utilizes trauma informed and wellness informed approaches.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate knowledge of the prevalence and types of trauma that impact individuals at various stages of development.
2. Understand the consequences of trauma for the individual and society, from a cognitive, neurobiological/physiological, and systems perspective including signs and symptoms indicative of a trauma history.
3. Articulate the distinction between trauma-informed care and trauma specific services, including definitions and diagnostic criteria for PTSD and complex trauma.
4. Define the important elements of trauma-informed services and organizational systems, including characteristics and practices within organizations that are re-traumatizing.
5. Demonstrate familiarity with and practice skills to screen human service clients for past and current trauma, including selection of effective motivation tools and appropriate referral.
6. Develop self-care skills to address secondary/vicarious trauma response.

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  • Social Science

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