HUM 107 : Spanish Life and Culture

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Spanish Life and Culture



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Offered as a required course in the Barcelona Quarter study abroad program. The student will gain a broad overview of contemporary Spanish society by examining cultural traditions and values. Besides topical lectures by native guest lecturers, the course engages students in experiential learning through field trips to such historic and cultural sites as Gaudi's Barcelona, the Gothic quarter, and the Dali museum. (Elective credit only: Does not satisfy general education requirements)

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the social, historical and cultural issues facing contemporary Spain.
2. Relate significant historical events in Barcelona to current conditions.
3. Explain the influences of Spanish cultural experiences—including art, architecture, music, family, food and language—on residents and visitors.
4. Identify significant cultural artifacts that characterize Spanish culture.
5. Compare and evaluate the perspectives of Spanish culture and U.S. culture as they shape national character.

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