HUM 268 : Digital Games Culture

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Digital Games Culture



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

This course will approach digital games through an academic socio-cultural lens, identifying key elements of evolving game studies theory, which considers digital game design, digital games play and digital games as a cultural practice that, in addition to play/entertainment, offers a new and developing medium for story-telling and learning.

Course learning outcomes

1. Students will be able to identify primary digital game types and their basic characteristics;
2. Students will become familiar with significant moments/events/developments in digital games history;
3. Students will become familiar with significant entities—individuals, associations, organizations, publications—in the digital games culture ecosystem: Designer, Player, Critic, Theorist;
4. Students will establish a vocabulary for and think critically about game design and game criticism;
5. Students will become familiar with current theoretical approaches of study taken relative to digital games, most specifically the ludology versus narratology debate;
6. Students will become familiar with the debate about whether games qualify as art and think critically and draw conclusions about this debate based on a recent gameplay experience;
7. Students will identify and assess the credibility of controversial issues society often associates with digital games culture.

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  • Arts and Letters

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