HUM 269 : Popular Culture Graphic Novels

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Graphic Novels



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Examines the role of comic books and graphic novels as cultural and artistic creations in popular culture and literature. Identifies a vocabulary for discussing, explaining, writing, and analyzing comics. Explores relevant social and historical events in the development of comics. May include comics to film comparisons or principal author studies .

Course learning outcomes

1. Situate comics within the tradition and terminology of literary studies.
2. Identify economic, social, and political developments that influence the evolution of comics.
3. Appraise the significance and relevance of a comic’s interplay (synaesthetics) of language (semantics) and visual content (expressionism).
4. Assess comics as an ethical medium for dealing with real-world problems and controversies.
5. Compare comics to other vehicles of social commentary, especially those that commonly appropriate and adapt them (e.g. video games, Web, film, television).
6. Create and locate resources that foster the understanding of non-class members and that reinforce the comprehension of class members.

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  • Arts and Letters

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