J 215B : Publications Lab II

Transcript title

Publications Lab II



Grading mode

Pass/No Pass grades

Total contact hours


Lab hours


Recommended preparation

J 216.

Course Description

Practical application of journalism instruction through work on the online student newspaper. Students contribute writing, editing, photography, multimedia journalism and other aspects of news production commensurate with their experience and interests. P/NP grading. Repeatable for credit.

Course learning outcomes

1. Describe what makes a topic newsworthy.
2. Report news content (articles, photos, audio, video) suitable for publication.
3. Write and edit texts according to accepted journalistic style.
4. Demonstrate teamwork skills and business/management skills by creating and implementing strategies for expanding readership and driving advertising.
5. Describe journalism’s professional and ethical principles and explain how they apply to news production.
6. Demonstrate ability to meet deadlines and demands established by the production schedule.
7. Describe challenges facing journalism in modern society.

Content outline

  1. Elements of news articles
  2. News determinants
  3. How to interview
  4. Photojournalism basics
  5. AP style
  6. Different types of news articles

Required materials

Students will need a writing utensil and notebook.

Outside of

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