J 216 : News Reporting and Writing I

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News Reporting and Writing I



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WR 121Z.

Course Description

Introduces the basic process of journalistic reporting and writing used in all forms of news media. Emphasis is placed on organizing facts, observations, research, and background, in an effective narrative built on ethical, responsible journalistic practices. Students will develop a news judgment and distinguish among news, analysis and opinion.

Course learning outcomes

1. Create articles based on journalistic skills of reporting, reading, listening, observing, critical thinking, and writing, and that demonstrate an ability to discern news from analysis and opinion.
2. Apply a journalistic writing process that includes gathering information, prioritizing information appropriately, organizing ideas, collaborating with peers and instructor in the process of revising and polishing articles for publication.
3. Apply the journalists’ code of ethics to reporting and writing, abide by laws governing journalists and articulate the ethical issues facing journalists.
4. Describe how journalistic practices today evolved from historical and cultural events in American journalism.
5. Reflect on and analyze one’s choices in relation to journalistic standards and ethics.

Content outline

  1. Foundational Readings in Ethics, History and More
  2. Meeting/Event Story
  3. Profile Story
  4. Issues Story
  5. Readings and Discussions on the State of the Craft As It Is Practiced

Required materials

Required textbook.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Arts and Letters

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