KIK 202 : Second Year Kiksht Native Language II

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Second Year Kiksht II



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Course Description

Develops communication skills in Kiksht, the language of the Wasco people. Second course of a three-term sequence of study of the American Indian language, Kiksht, at the second-year college level. Focuses on developing sentence skills to engage in short conversations.

Course learning outcomes

1. Participate in conversations on a number of familiar topics and everyday situations using simple sentences and simple questions.
2. Use numbers, time phrases, and discuss seasons and practices related to each season.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of the cultural heritage, traditions, and values rooted in the language and the community.
4. Foster language preservation by helping promote Kiksht to introductory learners.

Content outline

• Review greetings and courtesies • Listening and short sentence formation • Question and response • Seasonal activities • Community values and beliefs • Cultural heritage and traditions • May also write words and short phrases relevant to the topics

Required materials

This class is an oral based learning program, and materials for this class are generated by the teacher for class handouts.

General education/Related instruction lists

  • Cultural Literacy
  • Arts and Letters

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