LIB 100 : Introduction to Finding Information

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Intro to Finding Information



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Course Description

Find, evaluate, and responsibly use web-based and other information resources for college-level research. Provides an introduction to information resources and research skills.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify key services and resources within Barber Library’s physical and online environments.
2. Select a research tool appropriate to the type of information needed.
3. Use research tools.
4. Evaluate information when conducting online research.
5. Use information responsibly.

Content outline

Addresses a variety of research skills appropriate for both transfer and career and technical education students, including:

  1. Selecting a topic, 
  2. Navigating the library website,
  3. Utilizing key features of proprietary databases,
  4. Recognizing source characteristics, and
  5. Identifying the purpose of citations.

Required materials

Students will be provided no-cost material in the learning management system.

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