LMT 101 : Intro Massage Therapy Career

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Intro Massage Therapy Career



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Course Description

Explore the education and academic requirements of the LMT program and the requirements for massage therapy licensure in Oregon.

Course learning outcomes

1. Evaluate massage therapy as a career.
2. Describe the core classes within the LMT program.
3. Identify the academic requirements of massage therapy licensure in Oregon.
4. Identify the details of two bones and four muscles.
5. Describe correct anatomical terminology.

Content outline

  • Professional massage guidelines
  • The benefits of massage, group discussion, shoulder massage
  • History of massage, types of massage, and supplies
  • Body mechanics, massage therapist self-care, hand massage
  • Terminology and systems of the body
  • Introduction to two bones and four muscles
  • Pathology and the role of an LMT
  • Introduction to Eastern Theory

Required materials

Course pack.

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