LMT 113 : Kinesiology for Massage Therapy I

Transcript title

Kinesiology: Massage Ther I



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Lecture hours


Lab hours


Recommended preparation

BI 105 or BI 231; WR 065 (or higher) or placement in Wr/Comm Level 7; MTH 015 (or higher) or minimum placement in Math Level 7.

Course Description

Provides an introduction and overview of the basic principles of kinesiology. Emphasizes anatomical terminology, skeletal anatomy and function, the study of joints and their functions, and palpation skills. First in a three-part series of kinesiology for massage therapists.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain and apply the anatomical terminology necessary for the study of kinesiology.
2. Identify all the bones in the human body and the bony landmarks associated with muscle attachments.
3. Describe the anatomy of the joints of the body, their structural and functional classifications, and actions.
4. Locate, outline and palpate all the muscles presented in the first series.
5. Verbalize synergist and antagonist muscles related to the muscles in the first series.
6. Demonstrate and verbalize the actions of all muscles presented in the first series.

Content outline

  1. Introduction to Trail Guide to the Body
  2. 183 bones
    1. Joints and movements
  3. Review of bones and joints
  4. Attachments and review of movements
  5. Practical final
  6. Written final

Required materials

Textbook required.

Outside of

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