LMT 124 : Kinesiology for Massage Therapy III

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Kinesiology: Massage Ther III



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LMT 118.

Course Description

Continues a study of muscles that will include attachments, actions, nerves, joints, and the boney landmarks; emphasizes palpation skills. Third course in a three-part series of kinesiology for massage therapists.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate knowledge as it applies to locating, palpating and outlining all the muscles presented in this 3rd series.
2. Locate and name the attachments of all the muscles presented studied in this 3rd series.
3. Demonstrate the functions and verbalize the articulating bones of the joints presented in the 3rd series.
4. Demonstrate an understanding of the joints of the lower extremities and trunk, including category and functions.
5. Verbalize and demonstrate the actions of all the muscles presented in this 3rd series.
6. Verbalize synergist and antagonist muscles the related to muscles in the 3rd series.

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