LMT 135 : Managing a Massage Practice

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Managing a Massage Practice



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Explores managing a massage practice, including business structures, legal, and tax documentation requirements. Formulate a marketing plan including advertising, market analysis, and professional goals.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify the elements of effective job search and a resume, cover letter, mission statement, business cards, and brochures.
2. Create effective marketing material.
3. Create methods of time management, client scheduling, and maintenance of the work environment.
4. Explain the basic aspects of legal contracts, employment agreements and the appropriate use of medical release and consent forms, and professional insurance needs.
5. Apply client/financial accounting and bookkeeping methods for a massage therapy business.
6. Identify strategies for effective communication with other professionals regarding client care and referrals including the process used to identify the scope of practice of allied health professions.
7. Demonstrate ADA and HIPPA requirements and their implication for massage therapy and bodywork practice.

Content outline

• AMTA research project
• Resume and cover letter
• Student success guidelines
• Confidentiality, boundaries and scope of practice
• DBA, net/gross income, business structures
• Assets/liabilities, budgeting, money relationship, financial plan, 2 year plan, office supplies, and payment options
• Independent contractors, employment contracts, and customer service
• Business legal structures, tax ids, and tax forms
• Product placement, session pricing, business cards, and target market
• Interview questions
• Final Capstone Project

Required materials

Required textbooks.

Grading methods

Grades may be determined by online written lectures, online class discussions, project creation, and electronic discussion (website discussion boards on BB); significant online participation required.

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