LMT 135 : Managing a Massage Practice

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Managing a Massage Practice



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Managing a Massage Practice will explore business structures, legal, and tax documentation requirements for a massage therapy practice. Students will formulate a marketing plan including advertising, market analysis, and professional goals.

Learning outcomes

1. Identify common business practices and structures in massage therapy and bodywork practice.
2. Identify and design effective methods for time management, client scheduling, and maintenance of the work environment.
3. Identify the basic aspects of legal agreements, contracts, employment agreements and professional insurance.
4. Identify basic principles of accounting and bookkeeping suitable for various business structures
5. Create, maintain and identify legal requirements for retaining client, financial and tax records.
6. Demonstrate knowledge of federal, state and local regulations as they pertain to massage therapy and bodywork practice.
7. Demonstrate knowledge of ADA requirements and their implication for massage therapy and bodywork practice.
8. Identify the elements of effective job search and marketing materials (such as resumes, brochures, business cards).
9. Identify strategies to develop and maintain a client base
10. Identify strategies for effective communication with other professionals regarding client care and referrals
11. Describe the process used to identify the scope of practice of allied health professions.
12. Describe the appropriate use of medical release and consent forms.

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