LMT 145 : Massage I

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Massage I



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LMT 130 and LMT 170.

Course Description

The theory of Swedish massage, physiological effects, and the practical application will be incorporated into the development of a massage therapy routine. Basic Subjective Objective Action Plan (SOAP) charting skills and prenatal massage techniques are introduced.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain the physiological effects and benefits of the seven basic Swedish massage strokes.
2. Recognize endangerment sites and basic contraindications/indications for a massage therapy session.
3. Demonstrate appropriate body mechanics and communication skills during a massage therapy session.
4. Describe appropriate methods for prenatal massage.
5. Demonstrate draping skills that maintain client safety.
6. Apply basic SOAP charting skills.

Content outline

  1. Wellness model, body mechanics, and the seven basic Swedish strokes
  2. Demonstrate and reciprocate massage
  3. Pathology and massage lecture, demonstrate and reciprocate massage
  4. Exchange full body massage
  5. Pathology and massage lecture, demonstrate, and reciprocate massage
  6. Pathology and massage lecture, chair massage lecture, demonstration and exchange
  7. Lecture: Prenatal massage benefits and contraindications, pregnancy, and side-lying draping and massage practice
  8. Face, abdomen, and glute lecture and massage demonstration, exchange
  9. Lecture: Advanced strokes and their application, demonstrate, and exchange
  10. Lecture: Client intake process
  11. Lecture: Prenatal cushion and side lying massage with practice time
  12. Lecture: Working with special populations
  13. Lecture and discuss student experiences with massage in classroom, program, and career field

Required materials

The REQUIRED Textbook(s).

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