LMT 155 : Eastern Theory & Practice

Transcript title

Eastern Theory Practice



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Other hours



WR 065 or higher or placement in Wr/Comm Level 7; MTH 015 or higher or minimum placement in Math Level 7.


LMT 130, LMT 170.

Recommended preparation

BI 105 or BI 231.

Course Description

Focuses on Chinese medicine as the primary model. Introduces Eastern philosophy and its complimentary healing techniques in a philosophically neutral way.

Course learning outcomes

1. Discuss basic Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic philosophy.
2. Discuss the history of Eastern theory.
3. Explain yin and yang philosophy.
4. Locate three acupressure points and one meridian on the human body.
5. Apply a basic technique of Jin Shin bodywork.
6. Demonstrate ten basic Thai and ten basic shiatsu massage techniques.

Content outline

• Discuss syllabus • History of Eastern Theory • Discuss yin/yang, points and meridians • Perform Shiatsu • An introduction to basic Ayurvedic principles. • Jin Shin • Thai Massage • Written final

Required materials

Textbook required.

Outside of

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