LMT 190 : Therapeutic Clinic

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Therapeutic Clinic



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Pass/No Pass grades

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LMT 150.

Course Description

Therapeutic Clinic offers relaxation and treatment massage therapy techniques to the general public. Subjective Objective Action Plan (SOAP) charting, professionalism, client communication, and client consent will be performed during supervised public clinics. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Identify the indications, contraindications, precautions, effects and uses of hydrotherapy techniques.
2. Complete a verbal health interview with the client prior to a massage session.
3. Communicate the plan and rationale for a treatment session to the client.
4. Obtain informed consent from the client prior to beginning a treatment session.
5. Complete professional subjective objective action plan charting notes using clear, concise, and accurate notes of client treatment sessions.
6. Develop a safe and effective initial session and on-going treatment plan, based on client goals, assessment findings, and understanding of effects of massage and bodywork.
7. Demonstrate techniques that are within the scope of training and practice of commonly recognized massage therapy or bodywork disciplines.
8. Demonstrate techniques that are appropriate for each body area, including endangerment sites.
9. Vary the choice and application of techniques as appropriate to the client’s needs, including those of special populations.
10. Modify the plan and therapeutic approach used during a treatment session based on client response and manage time within a treatment session.
11. Identify and practice appropriate methods of sanitation and personal hygiene in the performance of massage and bodywork sessions.
12. Demonstrate safe and effective use of equipment, such as massage tables, massage chairs, bolsters, and supplies, such as linens, lubricants, gloves.

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