LMT 216 : Aromatherapy Fundamentals

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Aromatherapy Fundamentals



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Introduces essential oils' properties, benefits, and effects on the body when used in clinical and holistic settings.

Learning outcomes

1. Discuss the history of aromatherapy.
2. Explain basic pharmacological action of essentials oils.
3. Conduct basic primary research on essential oils and their constituents.
4. Describe how essential oils are harvested and distilled.
5. Explain the basics of plant chemistry and its effects on human physiology.
6. Describe basic application methods of essential oils in a clinical setting.
7. Discuss the benefits and attributes of common essential oils.

Content outline

• Introduction to Aromatherapy: Review Syllabus
• Role of Essential Oils from Plants
• Know Your Source: Essential Oil Sourcing Production
• Essential Oil Effects on Physiological Pathways
• Essential Oil Effects on Emotional Pathways
• Essential Oil Effects on Energetic Pathways
• Blending Essential Oils
• Application Techniques

Required materials

This course may require: textbook and purchase of essential oils.

Grading methods

This course may require: tests, participation/attendance and other graded work.

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