LMT 217 : Aromatherapy Applications

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Aromatherapy Applications



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Course Description

Advanced exploration and utilization of essential oils.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain energetic models and how the oils work with the subconscious mind.
2. Explain the limbic system of the brain and how the oils work with emotions.
3. Discuss the benefits and attributes of essential oils on health and wellness.
4. Create recipes and blends for common ailments for use in a clinical setting.
5. Explore the use of essential oils in massage and bodywork.
6. Conduct research of essential oils and their relationship to health and wellness.

Content outline

  • Introduction to Aromatherapy II concepts and applications
  • Review syllabus and concepts from Aromatherapy 1
  • Blends And Strategy: The Art and Science of Blending Essential Oils
  • Clinical Applications: Techniques and Protocols for creating lasting change
  • Clinical Applications: Massage Therapy, Essential Oils, and the Integumentary System
  • Blends and Strategy: Health and Targeted Blends
  • Clinical Application: Legal and professional scope of practice in Aromatherapy.

Required materials

This course may require: textbook and purchase of essential oils.

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