LMT 228 : Foot Reflexology

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Foot Reflexology



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Pass/No Pass grades

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Course Description

Students will practice reflexology routines, pressure points, and techniques that combine to make a unique foot massage similar to those enjoyed throughout the world. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Perform a foot reflexology treatment that promotes proper body mechanics.
2. Demonstrate towel wrapping techniques for the feet.
3. Explain the use of herbal compresses, balms, and specialized lotions used in foot reflexology.
4. Demonstrate a one hour foot reflexology treatment in a clinical setting.

Content outline

  • History and Theories of Reflexology
  • Contraindications and Diseases of the feet
  • Sanitation guidelines
  • Anatomy of Foot and Lower Leg
  • Reflex zones of the feet and organ relationships
  • Body Mechanics
  • Zones of the feet; organ relationships
  • Continued Technique
  • Demonstration and Practice Reflexology Sequence
  • Natural Scrubs and Balms
  • Reflexology Clinic

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