LMT 255 : Zen Shiatsu

Transcript title

Zen Shiatsu



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Recommended preparation

LMT 155 and LMT 130.

Course Description

Zen Shiatsu history, basic theory and techniques used in this massage modality will be introduced. This class will offer hands-on experience while working with a clothed client in the style of Shizuto Masunaga.

Course learning outcomes

1. Explain effects and benefits of Zen Shiatsu and its relationship to the organs and emotions of the body.
2. Explain the body’s relationship to Yin/Yang, the 5 Elements, Kyo/Jitsu, the 14 meridians and the 24 hour clock.
3. Recognize local and systemic endangerment sites that contraindicate Shiatsu bodywork.
4. Demonstrate proper body mechanics when performing a Shiatsu bodywork session.
5. Perform traditional floor and table Shiatsu techniques in a clinic setting.

Content outline

• Meridians and history/evolution/contraindications of Shiatsu and its three main types, self care. • Discuss meridians and huato points. Demonstrate Shiatsu. • 5 functions of Ki, yin and yang characteristics, self-care and stretching preparing for Zen Shiatsu, practice Shiatsu. • Discussion on potent points, practice Shiatsu • Discussion on the clock and its relationship to the body. • Discussion on the use of 5 element theory, Table shiatsu practice. • Lecture and application of kyo and jitsu to the body, abdomen shiatsu.

Required materials

Loose, comfortable clothing recommended.

Outside of

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