LMT 265 : Sports Massage

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Sports Massage



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LMT 150.

Course Description

The principles of deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapies, and muscle energy techniques will be applied to target athletic performance and recovery, as well integrating techniques to aide in rehabilitation of athletic related injuries.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate basic principles of athletic performance and sport-specific movements.
2. Design and implement a Sports Massage treatment plan.
3. Analyze a treatment plan based on sports injury and recovery.
4. Apply principles of basic physiological effects of athletic performance.
5. Analyze circumstances for pre-race, post-race massage, and on-site Sports Massage.
6. Apply techniques of Deep Tissue and Muscle Energy Techniques pertaining to athletes.

Content outline

  • Introductions and discussion of class format
  • What is sports massage?
  • Final project assigned
  • Sports massage broken down into categories
  • Assessment and understanding of athletes and athletic performance
  • Massage methods introduced
  • Physiological and psychological effects within athletes during performance and at rest
  • Neuromuscular therapies introduced
  • Targeting breath recruitment and performance enhancement
  • Target muscles of the neck and upper torso/ shoulder
  • Stretching targeting muscles of the upper extremities
  • Introduction to pelvic girdle and low back
  • Introduction to leg and lower extremities
  • Athletes special accommodations
  • Injury specific overview

Required materials

Required textbook.

Outside of

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