MA 110 : Introduction to Clinical Medical Assisting

Transcript title

Intro to Clinical Med Assist



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

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Instructor approval.

Course Description

Introduces key cognitive, psychomotor and affective competencies related to the clinical responsibilities of the medical assistant as identified by the CAAHEP and the MAERB. Covered concepts include application of standard precautions and infection control, patient preparation and education, performance of vital signs, delivery of oral and parenteral medications, vision screening and application of skills to begin assisting with medical exams and procedures. Math component includes basic skills in preparation for understanding and calculating medication dosage. Body structure, function, pathology, and medical terminology are reviewed in relationship to their impact on various body systems.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate safe and professional behavior including reliability, responsibility and appropriate application of standard precautions and aseptic and sterile technique.
2. Measure vital signs.
3. Room a patient and assist with an exam.
4. Prepare oral and parenteral medications.
5. Prepare patient for exams, procedures and specimen collection.

Content outline

  1. Standards precautions and infection control
  2. Clinical information collection
  3. Physical information collection
  4. Introductory testing
  5. Introduction to Clinical application of pharmacology
  6. Assisting with basic procedures
  7. Introduction to pediatric patient care
  8. Introduction to medication administration
  9. Clinical application of math concepts

Required materials

Required textbook and software, BP cuff, stethoscope, watch, lab coat uniform, access to the internet and computer.

Outside of

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