MA 120 : Clincal Medical Assisting II

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Clincial Med Assist II



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MA 110 and MA 111.


MA 121.


Second of two classes covering key cognitive, psychomotor and affective competencies related to clinical responsibilities of the medical assistant as identified by the CAAHEP and the MAERB. Students will expand skills required to assist with diagnostic testing, outpatient procedures, and office-based lab testing. Students will demonstrate greater mastery of concepts such as standard precautions, infection control, medical and surgical asepsis, patient preparation, and delivery of oral and parenteral medications. Math components include basic skill review in preparation for understanding, calculating, and delivering oral and parenteral medications. Body structure, function, pathology, and medical terminology are reviewed in relationship to their impact on various body systems.

Learning outcomes

1. Prepare patients for specimen collection, exams and procedures.
2. Perform common outpatient treatments, interventions, testing and diagnostic procedurse.
3. Demonstrate safe and professional behavior in the clinical setting including reliability, accountability, and application of standard precautions, medical asepsis and sterile technique.
4. Collect, prepare and track specimens for testing and apply quality control measures in the office-based lab.
5. Prepare and administer parenteral medications.

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