MA 147 : Medical Assistant Practicum I

Transcript title

Medical Assisting Practicum



Grading mode

Pass/No Pass grades

Total contact hours


Other hours



instructor approval;see MA 137 for prerequisites.


MA 137.

Course Description

The clinical practicum is a required, supervised, unpaid learning experience, which takes place on site at a prearranged clinical facility. It provides students with the opportunity to perform clearly identified competencies within the clinical setting. Students must have a total of five clinical credits. A minimum of 160 hours in the clinical setting is required. Students must be available during all potential weekday hours indicated in the class schedule to attend practicum as placements become available. Students must be able to provide transportation to sites in Central Oregon. Students must have updated adult/infant/child CPR and First Aid cards as well as updated background checks and immunization required by practicum sites. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Apply medical assisting skills in an outpatient setting for a minimum of 160 supervised hours.
2. Achieve entry-level competency on a minimum of 85% of the skills listed on the practicum checklist.

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