MFG 109 : Lean Practices

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Lean Practices



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instructor approval.

Recommended preparation

MFG 100.

Course Description

Lean practices are methods used to eliminate waste in any process to which they are applied. This course provides students with an understanding of lean practices commonly used in industry including: value stream mapping, standardized work, 5S, structured problem solving, visual factory, Kanban/pull systems other lean tools.

Course learning outcomes

1. Student will apply Value Stream Mapping techniques to a process.
2. Student will describe the benefits of Standardized Work in the elimination of waste.
3. Student will apply 5S techniques at the MATC.
4. Student will evaluate and solve problems using Structured Problem Solving methods.
5. Student will describe Kanban/Pull Systems and what benefits they have over other methods.
6. Student will apply Visual Factory methods.

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