MFG 205 : Drill Press

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Drill Press



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instructor approval.

Recommended preparation

MFG 100.

Course Description

Drill press operations training. Includes safety, machine nomenclature, measuring and sharpening drills, machine set-up, cutting tool selection, magnetic based drill, electric drill motor and radial arm drill operations.

Course learning outcomes

1. Offhand sharpen drills to cut holes within five-thousandths of an inch of correct size.
2. Safely setup and operate the sensitive drill press to drill holes.
3. Differentiate between counter bore, counter sink, spot face and center drilling operations.
4. Safely setup and perform power-tapping operations to produce Class 2 internal threads.
5. Accurately measure internal threads for correct pitch diameter to within appropriate specifications.
6. Safely setup and operate the radial arm drill press to perform power-feeding operations.
7. Student will perform power-tapping operations to required specifications using the radial arm drill.

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