MFG 216 : Lathe Operator II

Transcript title

Lathe Operator II



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Lab hours



instructor approval.

Recommended preparation

MFG 100.

Course Description

Advanced lathe operations training. Four-jaw chucking, taper turning, carbide cutting tool selections, boring, single point threading, thread measurement and other precision turning operations.

Course learning outcomes

1. Perform regular lathe maintenance duties including fluid level checks to extend lathe duty cycle.
2. Setup and bore steel soft jaw chucks to hold rotated part concentricity.
3. Setup and adjust the taper attachment to cut long tapers to within two thousandth diametrical accuracy.
4. Setup and perform single point thread cutting operations to cut threads to Class 2 threading specifications.
5. Use the thread micrometer, thread ring gages, and three wires to check thread accuracy.
6. Perform boring operations to within one thousandth of diameter callout.
7. Use various lathe accessories that provide support for longer chucked work.
8. Setup and consistently machine work held between centers to within one thousandth.

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