MFG 256 : CNC Mill Programming

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CNC Mill Programming



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MFG 100 and MFG 110. Recommended to be taken with: MFG 257.


Introduces basic programming skills used on the CNC Mill.

Learning outcomes

1. Analyze and apply machine shop safety concepts and practices.
2. Interpret fundamental CNC Mill concepts and formatting.
3. Create and demonstrate the use of programs for CNC Mill machining centers.
4. Demonstrate the basic machining practices and tooling as it applies to CNC Mill using simulation software.

Content outline

• Machine and shop safety
• CNC Mill – set up, order of operations, and coordinate systems to program CNC Mill machines.
• Mill machining/turning centers including machine configurations, general flow of the programming process, determining program zero assignment values and three ways to assign program zero and programming words used in machining
• Types of formatting
• Mill Machine language/operations
• Programming CNC Mill including programming computer numerical control mills and machining centers, identifying G M codes, programming canned cycles, subroutines, profile milling and cutter diameter compensation
• Tooling and tool offsets for CNC Mill
• Program simulation for CNC Mill

Required materials

Text book, and tools (as required for second term students).

Grading methods

Grades will be based on a combination of homework, tests, and final.

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