MFG 267 : Oxygen-Fuel and Plasma Cutting

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Oxygen-Fuel and Plasma Cutting



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MFG 100.

Course Description

Covers gas torch, air carbon arc, and plasma gas cutting. Includes torch setup and maintenance, flame setting, diagnostics, track torch operations, circle cutting, and carbon arc scarfing practice.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate safe practices in the welding lab using oxy-fuel processes.
2. Demonstrate appropriate set up, maintenance, and use of of oxy-fuel joining and cutting operations.
3. Weld and braze common joint assemblies with oxy-fuel processes to American Welding Society D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Code.
4. Apply visual and destructive examination principles and practices in accordance with relevant industry standards.
5. Cut common shapes and materials using the oxy-fuel process.

Required materials

This class requires the purchase of safety equipment, reference books, measurement equipment, and tools.

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