MFG 277 : Production CNC Operations Lathe

Transcript title

Production CNC Ops Lathe



Grading mode

Standard letter grades

Total contact hours


Lecture hours


Lab hours



MFG 259 and MFG 260.

Prerequisites with concurrency

MFG 261 and MFG 278.

Course Description

Provides opportunities to evaluate the efficiency of a parts manufacturing process using a lathe. Covers methods to improve efficiency.

Course learning outcomes

1. Analyze run time of computer numerical control lathe machines to improve efficiency.
2. Improve efficiency of computer numerical control lathe machines.
3. Communicate how efficiency improvements were made.

Content outline

  • Efficiency of computer numerical control (CNC) machines
  • How cutter technology can improve efficiency
  • Affects of coolant and speeds and feeds
  • How part material and chip removal effect efficiency

Required materials

Required textbook.

Outside of

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