MFG 280 : Co-op Work Experience Manufacturing

Transcript title

CWE Manufacturing



Grading mode

Pass/No Pass grades

Total contact hours


Other hours



Instructor approval.

Recommended preparation

MFG 100.

Course Description

Provides experience in which students apply previous classroom learning in an occupational setting. Credits depend on the number of hours worked. P/NP grading.

Course learning outcomes

1. Student will apply interviewing skills to obtain a CWE position from a qualified CWE employer.
2. Student will apply skills learned from his MATC classwork to meet work related goals and objectives as defined by the CWE agreement made by the student, the CWE employer and MATC instructor.
3. Student will submit all necessary CWE Weekly Timecard Reports to the MATC instructor.
4. Student will write a end of assignment paper describing their CWE experience.

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