MS 112 : MS I: Leadership

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MS I: Leadership



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Course Description

Continues developing effective leadership and communication skills, personal development of life skills, comprehensive fitness related to leadership, officership, and the Army profession. Continues the process of developing their land navigation skills and techniques for tactical decision making. Part of a series of military science leadership courses.

Course learning outcomes

1. Effectively communicate with others using methods appropriate to the situation and the population.
2. Define and explain the relationship between leader character and competence.
3. Define and explain the leader attributes and core leader competencies of the Army leadership requirements model.
4. Define and demonstrate the seven Army values and warrior ethos.
5. Define short-term and long-term goals.
6. Explain the importance of being a model citizen as an Army officer.
7. Apply land navigation applications to tactical missions.
8. Recognize explicit and tacit assumptions and their consequences.

Content outline

• Patrol Base Operations • Communications Process - Military Communications • Squad Tactics II - Platoon Tactics - Ambush • Squad Tactics III - Platoon Tactics - Raid • Army Performance Triad - Squad Tactics - Recon • Applying Critical Thinking • Goal Setting and Time Mgt. • Persuasive Communication - Team building • Applying critical thinking - US Army Weapons Systems • Drill and Ceremony • Land Navigation II

Required materials

All publications are government publications and provided to the student at no charge.

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