MS 113 : MS I: Applied Leadership

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MS I: Applied Leadership



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Course Description

Apply effective leadership and communication skills, develop life skills and comprehensive fitness related to leadership, officership, and the Army profession. Apply land navigation skills and techniques for tactical decision making. Part of a series of military science leadership courses.

Course learning outcomes

1. Relate concepts relevant to persuasive communication and learn to analyze persuasive messages.
2. Explain the importance of mental agility and why it is an important trait for an Army officer.
3. Define the four basic elements of interpersonal tact.
4. Explain major, minor, and supplementary terrain features.
5. Navigate from one point on the ground to another using a compass, military map, and the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS).
6. Integrate land navigation into a basic mission.

Content outline

• Land Navigation • Apply Critical Thinking Skills • Basic Map Reading - Squad Tactics Recon • Basic Land Navigation - Platoon Defense Operations: Techniques and Preparation • Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness; Pre-Combat Checks and Inspections • Squad Tactics I • Persuasive Communication; Team Building

Required materials

All materials are government publications and provided to the student at no cost.

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