MS 113 : Orienteering and Land Navigation

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MS I:Orienteering Land Navig



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MS 112.


This course introduces students to basic orienteering and map reading. Students will gain confidence in their ability to read different types of maps, plan routes and find their location on the ground using a military map and compass. Students will learn to identify terrain features on a map and on the ground. Students will use these skills to move from one point to another by orienteering and terrain association. This class is open to any student in any course of study.

Learning outcomes

1.Explain the importance of mental agility and why it is an important trait for an Army officer.
2.Define the four basic elements of interpersonal tact.
3.Identify, define, and explain major, minor, and supplementary terrain features.
4.Define and explain the different colors on a military map.
5.Navigate from one point on the ground to another using a compass, military map, and the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS).

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