MS 213 : Fundamentals of Military Operations

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Fund of Military Operations



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MS 212.

Course Description

This course introduces the fundamentals of military operations by exploring the military approach to conducting various operations, and the planning and procedures required to be successful in these operations. It continues to explore the dimensions of creative and innovative tactical leadership strategies and styles by examining team dynamics and effective time-management techniques. An introduction to squad-level tactics will focus on applying military decision-making processes and delivering military orders. No military obligation is incurred through participation in the course. Leadership coursework will be used to reinforce the tactical and operational concepts covered in the course.

Course learning outcomes

1. Define and explain each step of the Troop Leading Procedures (TLP).
2. Define and explain each step of an Operation Order (OPORD).
3. Demonstrate ability to conduct a military brief.
4. Define, explain, and apply each Army Value.
5. Define and demonstrate ability to conduct team building and team work.
6. Explain suicide prevention.

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