MTH 001 : Adjust My Placement (AMP)

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Adjust My Placement (AMP)



Grading mode

Pass/No Pass grades

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Course Description

Provides a structured setting to refresh and review math skills. Participate in problem-solving activities designed to strengthen critical thinking skills. Provides an opportunity for students to be successful in a higher-level math class than they originally placed. Math advising is also part of this course. Intended for students to strengthen previously-learned mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities. To receive the maximum benefit of this course, it is important to enroll in a math course the term immediately following. Meets twice a week for 7 weeks, beginning the second week of the term.

Course learning outcomes

1. Demonstrate improved skill in targeted areas of mathematics.
2. Demonstrate readiness for next mathematics course required for each student’s desired academic goal.
3. Communicate full and logical solutions, including appropriate justification, to problems in target areas of mathematics.
4. Demonstrate improved problem solving ability in identified areas of mathematics.
5. Persist in the face of difficulty.

Content outline

Diagnostic placement assessment taken on first day of class. Individualized learning plan generated for each students based on results of first day assessment. Students assigned a learning module in the ALEKS software. Student works in and out of class in their learning module path for a minimum of 40 hours over the seven weeks of the course. Student retakes the assessment at the end of the course and is advised on course placement for the following term.

Required materials

Software (ALEKS PPL and Learning Module) is required.

Outside of

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